Saturday, 13 August 2016

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Exposed and Unfiltered - the Puerto Rican Princess - Joseline Hernandez is still my favourite cast member, A LGBT spat about pronouns between Mimi, Ariane and Chris

We all know this show is a hot MESS. Hoes, bitches and corner dogs gathered in a mansion to confront each other. Oh yeah, and it rolled. With all the drama and lack of time, I've decided just to blog on the reunion!

Noticeable absence was Erica Dixon, who  removed herself from the equation and has moved on to bigger and better things - penning a children's books, designing clothes and looking at the a future without all the drama. I wish her well and success with her future endeavours. 

The Puerto Rican Princess - Joseline Hernandez

I don't care how messy Joseline is I still like her - fake or not - this show is about her. Without her there will be not SHOW. She is such good TV, and I'm happy in some ways she has grown in some ways. Tammy too is dignified.

I'm only catching up on the Reunion show and I must say, Joseline after all these years is still my favourite cast member. Then Bambi because despite everything she shows some classiness in the situation.

Then Joseline hijacks the show with her pregnant. Not sure, why and don't ask me, I have a soft spot for her.

LGBT fight between Ariane and Chris (Mimi's former lover).

Chris wants to be identified as a man, even though she is still a women. Ariane the resident LGBT member thinks Chris is shady and call her a girl. So there is a bit of a spat. Since Chris says because she can't afford surgery and hormones it doesn't mean she can't identify as a man.

So at some point it becomes physical between Ariane and Chris. Man or no man, my money would have been on Ariane to whoop Chris's ass.

Stevie J and The Puerto Rican Princess - Joseline Hernandez have a heart to heart.

Stevie doesn't think the baby is his. Joseline does 'a Joseline' and doesn't seem bothered with his attitude. Stevie demands respect and an apology but to be fair how can he ask Joseline if the baby is his Then again Joseline said she's cheated on him with women not men. Stevie is annoyed so he walks out.

Oh dear.

Anyway Joseline apologises (I suspected convinced by the crew and executive producer). Stevie and Joseline make up - but they are resumed their social media fight - instagram and social media.

 Yeah, that's all I have to say. The King family are too messy for me even to begin.

I heard the whole cast may be getting fired and next season will have a brand new one. Not sure, what I think about.
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Monday, 29 February 2016

Apologies about no posts for the next two-three weeks because I'm working on becoming an associate of a professional body.

Thanks for dropping by and reading this.  For now I'm going to suspend working on my blog. This is because I'm working on a real life career situation where I'm applying for associate membership of a professional body.

This is taking up more time than I thought it would - and challenging! I even took a staycation (vacation holiday) from work for a week to progress on this.

I'm having an interview in the late Match and will know if I meet the criteria. Right now it's put grafting and writing a report, getting verifiers and a whole ton of paper work ready. When this whole process is complete,  if I still have access to the shows, I'd review them and post a blog.

Again, thank you so much for reading my stuff, even when it's pretty painful due to my dyslexia.  Getting is membership a big career move and huge deal. It is also something I've worked towards for a very very long time, and taken plenty of exams. It's also been expensive...

So yeah, I'll be writing again in about three weeks!

Best wishes

Me xoxoxoxo

Saturday, 20 February 2016

The Next 15 episode 102: Bitchfest of Claudia Jordan and Karamo Brown, Tiffany Pollard declares herself HBIC, Jennifer Williams refers to Claudia as a slut.

This show may be nothing more than a bitchfest and clash of inflated egos. And the worse thing about it is that after twenty minutes it becomes very unmemorable. Basically it's about four attractive women - Claudia, Jennifer, Laura and Tiffany; one handsome gay man; and the charismatic Benzino. With a huge dose of the normal reality show tom foolery, and stupidity.

The Brainstorming Session

It starts with a team brainstorming session where New York Tiffany Pollard walks in. Love or loath New York Tiffany, the woman has star quality or something about her. I think pehaps its because she grabs attention and is outspoken.

Anyway all these so called iconic reality stars start to swap ideas for the shop, and Karamo First Gay Black Man Outted on TV Brown talks about how big his dinger or genitalia is. This embarrasses Benzino who is the only straight man in the room.  Benzino like why does a man need to talk about his piece?

New York Tiffany contributes that she glues on her eyelashes with (weave) bonding glue! That is rather extreme and dangerous but I guess it makes them stay on.

Nothing really happens in this segment of the show apart from after all our iconic stars all leave, Claudia Jordan and the Karamo Brown have a bitching session about them, mostly about Jennifer implying she was dumb and a blank piece of paper. Oh and  Karamo channels his inner bitchness to t add Benzino was ugly...perhaps too ugly to be on TV or their talk show.

Maybe Karamo has a man-crush on Benzino cause he's talking about the OG Benzino too much....What man cares about another man's look unless he's looking. Why boast about his piece in front of the OG when he's clearly not interested in women?

Laura Govan and her Manager Holly

I like Laura, there is something genuine and real about her compared to the rest. There is something still honest and naive about the way she handles herself. This makes her appealing and I wish her luck.

Anyway Laura Govan goes to her manager who thinks this show is a bad idea for her image.

And let's face it Laura was naive compared to the average NBA wife, since she had four kids for an NBA Basketball player who didn't marry her. She was naive thinking it would last forever - Gilbert Arenas was in for the long haul.

 And lets face it if he was married to her, he'd have had to split that fortune of his into two by Californian law. Now all he pays is child maintenance. Then again I think Laura needs to find herself.

Anyway her manager tells her she sees a lot more for her than all this trashy reality show with a bunch of has-beens. She has a cook book coming out and want to write children books therefore she needs to be aware of her image. She warns Laura about  posting racy pictures on Instagram for attention, and advises her to delete.  Laura does, but on some level doesn't take her manager too seriously.

At some point we see her working out with her personal trainer friend Ciara. There were a lot of vibes in those scenes but hey I'm not one for libel so I won't comment - they also kinda looked like sisters. Anyway, she tells Ciara about Gilbert Arenas (not naming him of course) and bits of the court case. I just hope it's settled and Gilbert does what he should.

It's a hard one because Laura Govan is clearly still vulnerable, angry and hurt. Again she needs to grow past this, and so far so good, she's doing what she can, even if it means appearing in some trashy reality soap.

Jennifer Williams Takes her Dog for Doggie Treats

Pretentious Jennifer Williams goes to some organic dog food bar with her dog and her second fashion accessory a Gay Black Man BBF. They both bitch about who is on the show and Jennifer implies Claudia Jordan is a slut.

Jennifer also reveals that Claudia's ex is now a 'friend' - I suppose she means the type of friend she has sex with, and this dude told her nasty things about Claudia.

Never trust a man who says derogatory things about his exes or former relationships since he'll say the same about you. Anyway there isn't much difference between Claudia and Jennifer since they are both desperate for fame and on the hustle. I'm not sure how long Eric William's alimony would last with that dog eating such fine foods. And the dog is so ugly. I think Pugs are cuter,

or Maltese poodles.

Claudia Jordan, Karamo Brown and New York Tiffany Pollard.

Later in the show we see Claudia Jordan and  Karamo in a restaurant waiting for New York Tiffany Pollard to turn up.

When she does, Tiffany arrives very late, and declares herself the star of the show - which she is. She calls herself  HBIC - Head Bitch In Charge.... Let's face it her antics make good reality TV. She gives the camera what it wants. Drama. She is also very intelligent about her role in all this.

This is what is missing from Claudia. If Claudia Jordan had Tiffany's intelligence with her looks, she could have done a lot more. Anyway Tiffany tells them she wants to be on her own because she wouldn't fit in with the group - so perhaps a roving reporter on the street.

Claudia doesn't say much but it's her sneers and smirk that spark Tiffany off. Also Tiffany knows she needs to act up for the camera. She has being briefed that her role is one of conflict.

Then Claudia tells her that she and Karamo Brown are the producers...Tiffany acts out again, shouting waving her fingers in the air, giving the show a slice of street. She also adds that  all Claudia does is suck men's genitalia to get where she is, and laughs at the possibility that Claudia and Karamo are producers on the show. And she is right.

Claudia lacks business sense to see that Tiffany  is acting to her brief/instructions to what she had been told to do by Carlos 'The Puppet Master' King. She is there to make sure people watch the show, and viewers expect her to be over-the-top.

 Claudia not understanding it's all a game makes snide remarks about Tiffany being on medication or drugs. This is a show. Maybe Claudia is taking it all too seriously and really believes in her idea, her worth and her value. She doesn't understand she is a tool, which is what Tiffany gets.

 Anyway before the finger waving turns into a physical fight Tiffany walks out of the room.

Then just for an extra drop of drama she goes  and complains to the cops, who basically just keep out of it. Karamo Brown who is more intelligent than Claudia and knows this is a game goes after Tiffany, to try to talk to her. Calm her down.

Also the real producer goes to talk to Claudia Jordan, since Claudia doesn't get it. Claudia needs Tiffany to be on board on this show. It is women like Tiffany Pollard or Joseline Hernandez who is a less classy or refined version of  New York Tiffany Pollard or K Michelle that  make these shows interesting. These women are excellent TV characters since they instinctively know when to act out in front of the cameras. Remove them and the show becomes very dull.

Anyway, having done what her contract says Tiffany sasses back into the resturant and sings everyone's praises. She even gives Claudia a shady comment about how she always bounces back and she likes that.

Claudia is confused, and they hug.

 Honey don't be it's all a game to make good TV.

Crew catch-up with Carlos King.

This doesn't really need to be in it, apart from Carlos King wanting his own 15 minutes of fame, so he had a conversation with his crew about New York Tiffany's claim.

Well, boring since he probably put her up to it. Then there is a part when Tiffany is supposed to meet up with Benzino and stands up him. Again boring.

Most interesting is when she sends a text to Carlos quitting the show. Drama. Can the show survive without her? Yes, but it means Claudia Jordan and Jennifer Williams will have to get dirty in a cat fight. And since they have both had sex with the same man, I think that would be easy enough.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Growing Up Hip Hop Episode 6 Season Finale: A Question for Romeo- The Virgin Queen Angela or sexy Kristinia 'The Missing Kardashian Sister' DeBarges.

To my surprise I found this was the season finale, and I think due the lacklustre performance and lack of promotion by any of the investors or stars it may not be commissioned for a second season. Frankly when I found out this was the final episode in the series I thought it was an anti climax. Why? Well the cliffhangers were Angela's stalker who no one really cares about, and also Romeo driving away to have a threesome probably fake with Kristinia 'The missing Kardashian sister' DeBarge and her friend Ashley.

Oh well let's starts with my observations of this show. Will I be watching it again? I don't know. They even seem to having a reunion.

Def Jam and Phat Farm Founder Uncle Russell Gives Angela Simmons A Piece of Mind

The show kicks off with Angela Simmons sprawled out on her virgin white bedsheets when Uncle Russ gives her a call for an update on the stalker situation. She tells him she’s made contact with the stalker. 

Uncle Phat Farm Russ goes crazy and yells at Angela not taking her stalker seriously. She puts him right and says it’s the police that told her that. Uncle Russ apologies to her and hangs up.

Angie isn't give a minute before her sister Vanessa barges into her bedroom. I’ve forgotten what the conversation was about but I think it was about Romeo and stalker. Not sure, but at some point she asked about the ‘hangout’ which I called the ‘non-date’ date.

Remember this?

Angela Simmons’s Damage Control Pink Roses Drama

Angela, Vanessa and sidekick Joanna walk into her LA apartment and are greeted by a two vases of expensive pink roses on her coffee table. With a dramatic sigh, Angela picks up the card and then dramatically throws herself on the couch. Vanessa goes nuts and thinks it’s the stalker.

Hold on - those were expensive flowers. From a florist. Not a cheap gas station or Walmart bunch like in the first episode. I suspect they were in a large fancy bouquet before the invisible house-help put them in water.

Anyway, Vanessa Simmons storms out of the room, screaming about Angela and the stalker. Angela sighs again and then confesses to sidekick PA Joanna it was Romeo.

‘Tell her.Tell her it’s Romeo!” pleads Joanna - is she there to make Angela look prettier?

Angela obeys and goes her sister it was Romeo who sent the roses. Too late because Daddy Run DMC is on the phone line.

Daddy Rev Run DMC Reads Angela the Riot Act

So the morning started with Uncle Russell, now it was his younger brother and Angela’s father yelling on the phone. Before Angela can say a word, her father orders her back to New York. Like she is five years old.

Angela pouts, had a her little drama queen hissy fit and then throws the phone on the couch calling her father a jerk.

TJ Mizuel Holds a Charity Event

Posh boy  cutie TJ does a charity event for inner school kids where he invites all his new friends. They all rock up, the  Kristinia ‘the missing Kardashian sister’ DeBarge, virgin drama queen Angela, pretty but young Egypt (with her chaperone mother Pepa in tow), and all others. I’m not if Romeo made it…did he? This stuff is so unforgettable.

Anyway Sidekick Joanna lies into the DeBarge girl about keeping time. I think this is fake and also unfair, but I hope Joanna is picking up a good paycheque/check for this mess.

Eygpt, the child of Pepa & Treach, is an odd addition to the show. I’m not sure what she brings to the table other than Master P cutting a favour for his old school OG pals Treach and Pepa.  Or maybe it was the Def Jam connection with Rev Run and Russell Simmons since they are from New York.

Let’s face it’s these three heavy  OG moguls (Run, Russell and Master P) backing the show, and I aint counting motor mouth Damon Dash - he is just still hustling and getting his behind hit for child support. Darn!

Anyway I think this sheltered young lady had been give an opportunity due to a favour begin asked by someone.

Anway it seems Egypt just wants to be famous and unfortunately Momma Pepa still needs to develop her Kris Jenner skills to push her daughter to the top.  At some point I’m wondering has Egypt at that young age had breast implants and a nose job? It’s just she seems very plastic in a way. Oh well, each to their own.

Doesn't Egypt look like a younger Serena Williams? Only Serena hasn't had plastic surgery.

Queen of Tennis, Serena Williams


The Virgin Queen Angela, Missing Kardashan Sister Kristinia and Romeo: Who is gonna be his Juliet?

So this is the supposed love triangle between Angela who sleeps on virgin white sheets, Kristinia DeBarge who looks like a missing Kardashian with her tits always on show and player Romeo, who is Romeo by name and Romeo by nature.

So check this. Romeo sends Angela a bunch of expensive pink not red (which are romantic) roses and she is all confused.

At some point they all meet up at Damon Dash’s crib - where as side note Dash is talking his normal bull-rubbish. I feel sorry for Boogie because sometimes he is the father to Dash.

Back on track, Angela asks Romeo about the roses. Romeo is all coy saying it’s about friendship and gratitude. Yeah, right. He is a young man, and isn’t ready for a relationship with restrictions. He wants to hit. And hit hard. And if Angela didn’t have those high standards he’d have been there in a minute.

Let’s face it, there is no bonus for his below the waist region if he hooks up with Angela. Same differences as being friends plus girl friend drama.

Also maybe Big Daddy Master P had a word with Romeo to keep things sweet since he, Romeo and Ange are all executive producers on this show.

Anyway Angela melts with Romeo’s smooth talking where he even drops in something about her being a virgin for seven more years.

This triangle is also fuelled with Joanna’s mistrust of Kristinia and planting rumours in Angela’s head.
Frankly it’s none of her business.

I’m unimpressed with this storyline because its a stereotype of a dark skinned girl hating on a light skinned girl. Yeah, the colour complexion politics runs deep. Also can you see Joanna isn't allowed to wear make-up so that makes her look a unattractive, rough and ashy next to the star of the show Angela who is basically slobbered in makeup so her skin can't breath.

So this was done in Photoshop but I think it drives hope my point! This is an American show so we all know the drill. Angela is too good to do the hating so gets her sidekick Joanna who is darker and less polished than her in looks to do it for her.

Joanna isn’t ugly it is just she doesn’t have the cash Angela Simmons has to make a polished finished or as I said before doesn't wear makeup to shine. Yes, money can polish anyone pretty - even Wendy Williams.

So when you get Joanna spreading rumours and instigating against Kristina it’s odd. Doesn’t Virgin Queen Angela have eyes?  Can’t she make up her own mind?

Things come to a head at a party when Master P declares Romeo is going to be the new puppet head…sorry, I mean president of No Limits Records. Kristina comes all dressed up with her assets on show and some how ends up grinding Romeo on the dance floor.

The Virgin Queen Angela’s sidekick isn’t too happy about it, so pulls Kristinia to one side to have a chat. Excuse me, no one stopped Angela from having fun and dancing (grinding) with Romeo or maybe dancing with a man is a form of love making. Who knows?

If  Queen Angela wants to sulk all night in the VIP room instead of have fun, let her.

You’d think Romeo doesn’t have a say in who he dates, grinds on the dance floor or has sex with.
 It’s so childish. He is a grown man with a fully functional genitals who can have sexual intercourse with whom ever he wants. End of.

Anyway the virgin queen also has a chat with Kristinia who couldn’t care less. After all Kristinia needs to work for her living. Not play work like Romeo or Angela. She’s not an heiress to a music dynasty, nor can her family connections get her any music deals - her hustle needs to produce results, and if showing off her physical assets and getting her grind out with player Romeo will get her what she wants….so be it…

As normal Angela walks out in a huff, and of course Romeo who is having too much fun doesn’t go after her.

After all, even if they kiss and make up, his penis will not get a cut in on the deal. Nah, he decides to stay and grinds Kristinia on the dance floor.

Soon Kristinia is grinding another chick on the floor and tells Romeo - this is the baddest chick in LA, does he want a threesome. Oh yes.

That is the kind of offer Joanna, and Angela should have on offer? Coffee with expresso however he’s now going a flat white with a latte.

I’m thinking of Romeo’s cheesy grin and probably his hard-on at the suggestion of two chicks at the same time.

It’s time to roll. How best to celebrate begin the new head puppet of No Limits than to sleep with two chicks at once.

It ends with Angela seeing Romeo exit with his two new best friends for a possible late night loving session for three.

Being a virgin queen and keeping a man, aint easy. Then again Angela can still join in once she doesn't allow Romeo to you-know-what....

Was this for show? Is it real? Who knows...if I have time I'll pick it up next season but so far there isn't much to it, even if Uncle Def Jam and Phat Farm Simmons put his name to it.

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The Next 15 episode 101: Queen Bee Tiffany 'New York' Pollard; Basketball Wives Laura Govan & Jennifer Williams with her dog, Benzino, Claudia Jordan and some unknown dude from the real world get their next 15 minutes of fame!

This show is going to rock! At last something NEW & FRESH!. Different!  It's probably going to be worse ever and that means GOOD! It's scrapping the bottom of the barrel with stars so desperate and thirsty for fame, and as one reviewer said it would be like watching folk eating sh&t and then watching them sh&t. No chaser, keeping it real.

Now when people say that we know it's going to be good in a ratchet trashy way.   We all eat sh&t we ain't supposed to, now without shade lets proceed.

So this is based on Andy Warhol said In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes Well now these guys are up form their next 15 minutes of fame.

A photo posted by Carlos King (@kingdomlos) on

In no particular order just what I could gather.

It starts off with Carlos King, the dude behind most  ratchet reality TVs with the exception of the Love and Hip Hop brand has a beach meeting with the beautiful Claudia Jordan about starring in a new reality show that will be different. 

Claudia bleets to the camera about how she is  misunderstood with rumours and nasty assumptions. Also how she didn't get a call back from her original show...I think of the real housewives of Atlanta - one show I haven't being able to get into.

Anyway Claudia Jordan being thirsty for a second chance at fame agrees to his concept - which I don't really understand. I think it's going to be around six former reality show stars fired from their previous shows having a talk show. Sounds confusing...but the personalities are great.

Anyway it isn't that simple since Carlos King had a few tricks up his sleeves. He decides he'll also have another fired ex-reality show star Jennifer Williams on his roaster. Major beef since it's rumoured that Jennifer Williams was or is going out with Claudia Jordan's ex....oh yeah but it gets worse.

Just time out doesn't Claudia Jordan look like Joseline from Love and Hip Hop? Who? Why do we want to know her?

Anyway, I'm a bit sad that Jennifer agreed to this but it shows that they all need fame, and are thirsty for it. After the huge deal she made on Basketball Wives Miami, I'm surprised she'll subject herself to this again. Then again there is a paycheck or paycheque with all this. Under all that madeup bougie chick is someone very desparate for attention.

Anyway I must say Jennifer had gotten worse in behaviour. All that stuff with her dog, dressing it up and too much flirting and acting cute. Yes, acting cute, I thought she'd have matured over the years but it doesn't seem so. Anyway she isn't impressed with being on a show with Claudia Jordan and insulates that Claudia had slept with a string of men. However Jennifer Williams forgets we know her history from Basketball Wives Miami - especially when she started to fight with Evelyn Lozada. A lot of secrets of who slept with who came out....even if bleeted off TV. Chicks in glass houses should not throw stones.

Anyway I think she needs to cut out all the cute-acting and dog for accessory - it's annoying.

Next we have some dude who was in the Real World...does anyone watch that anymore? His claim to fame was that he is black and gay...yeah like he came out on TV. Also he didn't get paid for his stint on reality TV so he's habouring some kind of bitterness toward that. Oh and he had a kid. Yes, he dipped in a few ponds, got a chick pregnant before he found out he was gay...

Life after Love & Hip Hop is Bezino!!! Yay! I'm pleased about this one. I've always like Benzino and I always thought he was a solid person. He will be good balance for the show.

I'm missing a person I think called Laura Govan who had a major scandal with her ex husband. All very messy. She is another basketball wife. I don't know much of her past drama but she seems cool.

Then there is Queen Been Tiffany 'New York' Pollard.  At that moment I thought damn! Now that is cat amongst pigeon and it will give it a little flavour. A lot of flavour!

 Jennifer Williams and Claudia Jordan meet.

As you expect fake hugs all round but you get the feeling these two women just want to deck each out.They already hate each other. Jennifer actually calls Claudia a a mingler..anit that like UK slang. for nasty looking person. It seems Jennifer had more of a problem than Claudia.

Anyway all these guys are put in room to meet each other except Tiffany New York since she is the secret star of the show - even though there may be breakout stars....for now Tiffany is Queen Bee - she was having dress issues back stage.

After Carlos chatted about the concept he told the new cast of the Next 15 that there will be a focus group of ordinary people to give thier comments, and they the cast had to watch. Uncomfortable but interesting TV.

So this was what the focus group had to say about the new cast.

Claudia Jordan

Drag queen on steroids - quick with her wit. She slept with lots of different men. She also looked artificial and like a man. The thing is being a model, in some angle she can appear to have a strong jawline that is great for the camera with her height but can come over a wee bit mannish at times. But that is for all tall looking models - the Amazon.

Korama Brown

When was that? Who is that? One person said he needed to have more than just being gay and black. What else is is bringing to the table? True TV has passed that stage.


He looked like a bottle head and a hot mess. But someone said he wasd very cool on L&HHATL 

Jennifer Williams 

Sounded bougie, didn't pronounce her words. She also remembered her as a push over and Evelyn Lozada's side kick. However one person said she was nice.

Laura Govan

I think she got criticised for having so many kids without a ring on her finger. To be fair, Laura Govan was in what she thought was a committed relationship and probably was blinded a little to his Gilbert Arenas's personality until it was too late. She thought having their and key word is their babies was good enough.

The worst thing is that they looked together so one wonder what went wrong. This is not a fake for the cameras picture. This is a really happy couple - look at the body language.

The chemistry between them just off the page...maybe that was the problem and the reason  why it went from heaven to hell in relationship terms. Feelings ran too deep.

So it's an extremely messy and acrimonious situation and I hope they sort it out for the children's stake.

However I realised this was the same immature Gilbert Arenas who says a lot of derogatory things about women and people in general so I'm inclined to say he's a spoilt brat whose had a very successful career and because of that he's always on the look out for something better. He is 34 years old and earning about 20 million dollars a year. He feels invincible.

What he really needs is to hand over his twitter account to his publicist and STFU. He is the type of ballers should just ball, we don't need to hear their opinions unless positive or at the after game press conference.

It appears he hooked up with Laura in his late teens or early twenties so both have a lot of growing up to do outside each other. Gilbert Arenas needs to grow up. And I hope he does before he retires or gives up balling. He needs to take time out to reflect, and Laura is obviously feeling deeply wounded and hurt so it's hard to comment on those things in her email - true or false. It's their business and some couples fight jugular. What comes out is that she was wounded emotionally and humiliated.

Whatever it is Gilbert Arena should do good by his kids and I hope he is. I hope they sort it out.

This is the official OneTV Blurp

The Next :15 follows the lives of 6 reality stars long after their television debuts have come and gone.
Claudia Jordan of Real Housewives Of Atlanta fame is exploring new opportunities in the media world. Jennifer Williams is leveraging her stint on Basketball Wives into a co-hosting position for an online talk show. The Real World: Philadelphia‘s first out, gay cast memberKaramo Brown is cultivating his career in broadcasting. Basketball Wives‘ Laura Govan is exploring her creative side by authoring children’s books. Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta’s Benzino is balancing fatherhood and helming the ship of “Hip Hop Weekly”, andFlavor of Love‘s Tiffany “New York” Pollard is spreading her sass and charm in the acting world.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Growing up Hip Hop Episode 5: Where the party at, Romeo!!! Angela goes all drama queen again! Angela's PA is the new Karlie Red - Messy! Angela reveals she's a virgin. Romeo and Angela define their non-relationship.

It starts with Romeo dancing to Master P's tune. He tells his father what he wants to hear about being in five places in one place and being Superman in order to take over the Empire. Master P likes to hear his son's heart is in a good place and gives him a lecture about business. However as a parting shot and the last word Romeo tells his father he needs to work out to get his sexy back. Yeah, we know Master P is fat.

We are back to Boss Lady Angela and her stalker. This is going to be one long storyline. Now the stalker wants to marry her. I mean really? Well I guess there is a thread of truth in this but it's being dragged out for a long time. I like her bronzer. Don't you think she should have her own make-up line? Anyway it's the same yada yada yada do the responsible thing Angela. Naw, not good TV.

Romeo is more worried about his priorities - getting his videos done. So he invites Angela over with the flirt line 'I'm not in my speed's' what do you have on?' or am I making that up? Don't know. He wants her to twerk (yeah joke) in his video. Anyway all the beautiful people turn up at Romeo's place for a party. Like is that Romeo's house or his father's Master P's crib? Just curious. Oh its Daddy Master P's place.

Anyway he mentions that Angela is FINE and looking like a video vixen...not sure Boss Lady Angela will appreciate being referenced to a common video hoe - no matter how well intended. Romeo needs to make sure his beautiful friends don't trash his father's place.

Angela gets a little jealous about Romeo being nice to other women, then again it is his party and video shoot. Anyway Christina decides to intervene and ends up in a video. Why not? Please give the girl a chance but Angela blows steam.

Angela is the kind of person that if she isn't having fun she spoils it for everyone else by insisting everyone she bought has to leave with her. She is a nice person but that is some controlling trait that makes her ungracious.

Pepa gets on her hustle of baby Pepa Treach

I finally found out the name of the Pepa Treach off spring...Egypt. Anywy Pepa goes and hustles Romeo to give Egypt Pepa Treach a chance. She can always go backup with the mic turned down. No big deal.

PA Joanna plants seeds in Angela's mind about Christina liking Romeo, and that Christina is a weirdo. Oh dear, how messy and mean.

There is cute guy but he needs some sun. Like really, plenty of sun. He reminds me of a vampire - too pale for a man even if he's cute. And yes he was black but still too pale.

Christina's Performance at the Fashion Show

She's cute but puts in too much. I think she needs to be a bit more chilled in her performance.

Master P's stamp of approval on Romeo's vocal.

Pressure, pressure and more pressure. You can see the tension melt from Romeo's faces when Big Daddy Master P gives his nod of approval. After that Romeo approaches his father about lil Pepa Egypt Treach. Master P is pretty cool about it, but says it's up the Romeo to make DECISIONS.

Egypt Pepa Treach sings for Master P and Romeo. 

First Master P does a bit of flirt with Mama Pepa but then it's time for the sing song. Anyway Master P says he's giving it to Romeo to listen to the girl. Yeah, training the young Master P to take over the empire. Throwing in Smiley Romeo in the deep end. Interesting.

Anyway Pepa tries to butter up Romeo now he's the man in charge. Baby Pepa Egypt sings. Yeah, it's okay, however she needs to practice and become the  music. So it's practice, practice and maybe some gigging. Yeah Romeo says the same thing. From the confessionals it looks like she had implants. At that young age?

Anyway Romeo is nice about it and lets her down with good advice. Keep on performing in front of people - lawd knows all the greats where performing in church and clubs from a young age. Once she keeps on grinding with the music she'll get there.

Angela on a date with the weird looking paleface black man

We find out that Angela is a I get those jokes Romeo cracked in the early episodes about they couldn't let Angela be a forty year old virgin. It's not a big deal, she just want to save herself for when the time is right. It's her choice.

Romeo Checks out Christina for No Limits

Romeo is now stepping up to his father's challenge of looking for new artists. I mean what is a record label without fresh new voices. So he decides to talk to Christina. At least she keeps her puppies hidden.

The thing about Christina is that she needs to know how to behave when others are listening to her demo. She starts to distract  attention with her chair dancing and waving her arms in the air. What she really needs to do is keep still and allow her music to speak for itself. It was this behaviour that lost her the chance with Cash Money.

The only people that should be dancing and waving hands in the air are the producers if they are feeling it. Otherwise she just comes over as all the other it's a professional listening session.

Damn! Romeo says the same thing. It's very hard to focus when she's doing all these sexy moves - the  producers - mostly men don't know where to look. The issue is that after a session like that most professional producers will dismiss her since they think it was their dicks speaking instead of business minds. So the music should inspire these men's excitement and hard-ons, not her visual dancing in the studio booth. Someone needs to package Christina.

Lets give Romeo some props. The guy is a sleek smooth talker and knows how to say nothing at all. So he basically tells Christina to give him a minute to decide, however I it's more about listening to Christina's music without her in the room so her sexiness does not interfere with the business decision.

Then again Christina will get lots of publicity from this show, and she seems to be getting lots of gigs around LA so she's making her mark in a way.

Boss Lady Angela and Romeo define their 'non-relationship' relationship

Back at Master P's palace Angela and Romeo are chilling out when Angela is direct about their non-relationship relationship. 'Did you ever think you'd be with me?' Romeo blushes. Yes, the grown man blushes but we all know how direct Angela can be. Anyway he uses his champagne flute to cover it. Then after recovering starts with the 'if anyone understand me, it's up.' Angie babe isn't buying it. Romeo, she got you caught out, mate.

Romeo then comes clean saying its better for him to be single. Hmmm Boss Lady Angela isn't feeling that and continues with her interrogation. She has balls. She really does. If I had her boldness when I her age, I'd probably would have saved myself a lot of heart ache.

Anyway Angela likes things to be definite - no mixing or chasing. Black and white. Everyone knows where they stand. Do't give mixed signals.

It gets a bit heated when Angela pushes for a definition of what they are to each other. Romeo opts for the safe 'we are just friends.' Angela is like 'just friends?' Oh boy. It gets uncomfortable because Romeo is tells her are you saying you had feelings for me? Angela is like 'And you didn't?' Wow, guys please!

Romeo is denying having feeling (well amorous feelings ) for Angela. Ever. Slippery path, dude. Real slippery. Or maybe he was just being super friendly. But hey why with all the flirting and personnel comments about her. Hmmmm......Romeo needs to be honest with himself.

Typical man, Romeo ends with his bull rubbish, I need to focusing on taking No Limit to next level, focus on my music, focus on everything else. He just can't handle Boss Lady Angela Simmons.

Anyway to be fair, I did call their date a 'non-date' date.

Anyway Romeo can't handle the pressure,  throws his glass in the grass and walks off leaving an amused Angela Simmons behind. Kinda childish behaviour, don't you think?

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 Check out Bigga Day's books on
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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Growing Up Hip hop 4 - Embarrassing Parents - Pepa and Damon Dash - make an appearance. Boss Lady Angela has a non-date date with Romeo Miller. Uncle Russell keeps it open and real

Nothing really happens in this show however it's good, clean TV for young adults and teenagers. Non ratchetness as of yet.

Angela finds out the reason why Christina DeBarge didn't turn up - her father. So all is forgiven and Angela turns on her nice self and becomes supportive.

Then they go to the concert where Angela's father is performing and TJ is honouring his father. That goes well and we see Angela's real self emerge as the Boss Lady. Yeah, she is so bossy and in charge with a loud loud loud voice. Almost shouting.

They talk about TJ's father and Christina DeBarge realises at least her father is alive....

Boogie and his father Damon'don't wear a condom' Dash

Boogie Dash is such a sweet kid. Very sweet, mild mannered and polite. A different kind of Dash, from his father Damon and his auntie Stacy.

We learn that Damon Dash is in yet another child support/maintenance/custody situation with another baby mother. Poor Dash babies. I like Damon Dash but he needs to grow up. Oh and his cousin Stacy. Anyway he asks Boogie to step in and help out with his childcare problems. Good son Boogie does it.

Boss Lady Angela's Stalker issues again.

So we go to yet another Stalker expert who tells Boss Lady Angela that she needs to deal with this immediately. Angela gets the cops in again and they say a whole lot of stuff which Angela doesn't want to deal with.

Pretty boy Romeo on a break with girl friend

Pretty boy Romeo - doesn't do much. He comes back to the US and putting pleasure before work, hangs out with his friends.

We learn Romeo is on a break from his relationship...oh dear....Boss Lady Angela doesn't mind that Romeo is single and puts her ass up in the air - in a yoga pose - to punctuate her point. Someone seems to be very happy about this break.

Embarrassing Mother Syndrome - Pepa

Pepa crashes a photoshoot with lil Pepa Treach and  steals the show by being a bossy monager and telling us how long she's being in the business. Poor lil Pepa Treach (yes, I still don't know her name).

Boss Lady Angela prepares for her non-date date with Romeo

Boss lady Angela, her PA Johann  and Vanessa Lighy have a girly session  choosing clothes for Angela's non-date date with hanging out with Romeo. So much effort for a non date.

Vanessa keeps telling  Boss Lady Angela doing what the police said. Angela as always can't be bothered.

Romeo and Boss Lady Angela have a non-date date

Despite the amount of time Queen Bee Angela took in chosing her outfits for this non-date date, I can't see it. She wear her Loubs to the beach to Pretty boy Romeo is like are you going to wear high heels on the sand. So she takes them off. They start to flirt with each other and she tried to take a peek of his speedos...oh dear.

Angela and Uncle Russell Simmons

She meets her uncle Russell. They talk about relationships and Romeo. Uncle Russell is pretty open about this. It's so hilarious! Then he reads her the riot act about dealing with the stalker.

Good line from Uncle Simmons - You can never fail until you quit

After that they say goodbye and Angela does some kind of walk out of the room to which we get the classic line from  Uncle Russ- 'Jesus, Angela, it's not a runway... just walk out of the door - who walks like that?'

Angela does, that's who.

Master P and Romeo

Master P summons Romeo to his office and holds conference. Big Daddy Master P is puffing on his cigar and leaning back in is chair, telling Romeo of his expectations. Can Romeo reach that high? Who knows?

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