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Even Good Things Like Reality Show Blogging Come to An End

Hey everyone,

I've decided it was time to stop blogging about reality shows. I guess I've grown and don't really have the time no more. You can check out my other blogs for now. - general stuff - updated sometimes. - book reviews etc updated regularly since I love reading.

Thanks for reading this, and helping me get over 120k hits without any drama, nastiness or trolling.

Lots of Love

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Latest posts

Growing Up Hip Hop - Atlanta Episode 3 - Brandon's Lil Wayne Driving the show and making him relevant; Ayana's commitment-phobe lover hits ATL and refuses to commit to even the word 'girl friend', Executive Producer Bow Wow hits the strip clubs for inspiration; Atlanta Peace Maker Shaniah arranges a girl's night out bowling.

Growing Up Hip Hop - Atlanta Episode 2 - Bow Wow makes decisions & sorts out Babymomma issues; 26 year old 'wannabe Big Man' Brandon brings negative energy to the Zonniques photo shoot and bullies 17 year old Reginae Carter and disrespects Lil Wayne; Anaya nearly explodes; Reginae Carter tattling to Mommy Toya to handle Brandon

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta Episode 1 - Bow Wow desperate to be relevant again does a mixtape, Wacka Flacka lil Brandon gets his own piece of reality show pie, Reginae Carter - what can I say? Please just don't shame and judge me for watching...

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Exposed and Unfiltered - the Puerto Rican Princess - Joseline Hernandez is still my favourite cast member, A LGBT spat about pronouns between Mimi, Ariane and Chris

Apologies about no posts for the next two-three weeks because I'm working on becoming an associate of a professional body.

The Next 15 episode 102: Bitchfest of Claudia Jordan and Karamo Brown, Tiffany Pollard declares herself HBIC, Jennifer Williams refers to Claudia as a slut.

Growing Up Hip Hop Episode 6 Season Finale: A Question for Romeo- The Virgin Queen Angela or sexy Kristinia 'The Missing Kardashian Sister' DeBarges.

The Next 15 episode 101: Queen Bee Tiffany 'New York' Pollard; Basketball Wives Laura Govan & Jennifer Williams with her dog, Benzino, Claudia Jordan and some unknown dude from the real world get their next 15 minutes of fame!

Growing up Hip Hop Episode 5: Where the party at, Romeo!!! Angela goes all drama queen again! Angela's PA is the new Karlie Red - Messy! Angela reveals she's a virgin. Romeo and Angela define their non-relationship.