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Apologies about no posts for the next two-three weeks because I'm working on becoming an associate of a professional body.

Thanks for dropping by and reading this.  For now I'm going to suspend working on my blog. This is because I'm working on a real life career situation where I'm applying for associate membership of a professional body.

This is taking up more time than I thought it would - and challenging! I even took a staycation (vacation holiday) from work for a week to progress on this.

I'm having an interview in the late Match and will know if I meet the criteria. Right now it's put grafting and writing a report, getting verifiers and a whole ton of paper work ready. When this whole process is complete,  if I still have access to the shows, I'd review them and post a blog.

Again, thank you so much for reading my stuff, even when it's pretty painful due to my dyslexia.  Getting is membership a big career move and huge deal. It is also something I've worked towards for a very very long time, and taken plenty of exams. It's also been expensive...

So yeah, I'll …

The Next 15 episode 102: Bitchfest of Claudia Jordan and Karamo Brown, Tiffany Pollard declares herself HBIC, Jennifer Williams refers to Claudia as a slut.

This show may be nothing more than a bitchfest and clash of inflated egos. And the worse thing about it is that after twenty minutes it becomes very unmemorable. Basically it's about four attractive women - Claudia, Jennifer, Laura and Tiffany; one handsome gay man; and the charismatic Benzino. With a huge dose of the normal reality show tom foolery, and stupidity.

The Brainstorming Session

It starts with a team brainstorming session where New York Tiffany Pollard walks in. Love or loath New York Tiffany, the woman has star quality or something about her. I think pehaps its because she grabs attention and is outspoken.

Anyway all these so called iconic reality stars start to swap ideas for the shop, and Karamo First Gay Black Man Outted on TV Brown talks about how big his dinger or genitalia is. This embarrasses Benzino who is the only straight man in the room.  Benzino like why does a man need to talk about his piece?

New York Tiffany contributes that she glues on her eyelashes wi…

Growing Up Hip Hop Episode 6 Season Finale: A Question for Romeo- The Virgin Queen Angela or sexy Kristinia 'The Missing Kardashian Sister' DeBarges.

To my surprise I found this was the season finale, and I think due the lacklustre performance and lack of promotion by any of the investors or stars it may not be commissioned for a second season. Frankly when I found out this was the final episode in the series I thought it was an anti climax. Why? Well the cliffhangers were Angela's stalker who no one really cares about, and also Romeo driving away to have a threesome probably fake with Kristinia 'The missing Kardashian sister' DeBarge and her friend Ashley.
Oh well let's starts with my observations of this show. Will I be watching it again? I don't know. They even seem to having a reunion.

Def Jam and Phat Farm Founder Uncle Russell Gives Angela Simmons A Piece of Mind The show kicks off with Angela Simmons sprawled out on her virgin white bedsheets when Uncle Russ gives her a call for an update on the stalker situation. She tells him she’s made contact with the stalker. 

Uncle Phat Farm Russ goes crazy and yell…

The Next 15 episode 101: Queen Bee Tiffany 'New York' Pollard; Basketball Wives Laura Govan & Jennifer Williams with her dog, Benzino, Claudia Jordan and some unknown dude from the real world get their next 15 minutes of fame!

This show is going to rock! At last something NEW & FRESH!. Different!  It's probably going to be worse ever and that means GOOD! It's scrapping the bottom of the barrel with stars so desperate and thirsty for fame, and as one reviewer said it would be like watching folk eating sh&t and then watching them sh&t. No chaser, keeping it real.

Now when people say that we know it's going to be good in a ratchet trashy way.   We all eat sh&t we ain't supposed to, now without shade lets proceed.

So this is based on Andy Warhol said In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes Well now these guys are up form their next 15 minutes of fame.

Happy New Year! 👑 #thenext15 #feb10th @tvonetv A photo posted by Carlos King (@kingdomlos) on Jan 1, 2016 at 2:32pm PST

In no particular order just what I could gather.
It starts off with Carlos King, the dude behind most  ratchet reality TVs with the exception of the Love and Hip Hop brand has a beach meeting wi…

Growing up Hip Hop Episode 5: Where the party at, Romeo!!! Angela goes all drama queen again! Angela's PA is the new Karlie Red - Messy! Angela reveals she's a virgin. Romeo and Angela define their non-relationship.

It starts with Romeo dancing to Master P's tune. He tells his father what he wants to hear about being in five places in one place and being Superman in order to take over the Empire. Master P likes to hear his son's heart is in a good place and gives him a lecture about business. However as a parting shot and the last word Romeo tells his father he needs to work out to get his sexy back. Yeah, we know Master P is fat.

We are back to Boss Lady Angela and her stalker. This is going to be one long storyline. Now the stalker wants to marry her. I mean really? Well I guess there is a thread of truth in this but it's being dragged out for a long time. I like her bronzer. Don't you think she should have her own make-up line? Anyway it's the same yada yada yada do the responsible thing Angela. Naw, not good TV.

Romeo is more worried about his priorities - getting his videos done. So he invites Angela over with the flirt line 'I'm not in my speed's' what d…

Growing Up Hip hop 4 - Embarrassing Parents - Pepa and Damon Dash - make an appearance. Boss Lady Angela has a non-date date with Romeo Miller. Uncle Russell keeps it open and real

Nothing really happens in this show however it's good, clean TV for young adults and teenagers. Non ratchetness as of yet.

Angela finds out the reason why Christina DeBarge didn't turn up - her father. So all is forgiven and Angela turns on her nice self and becomes supportive.

Then they go to the concert where Angela's father is performing and TJ is honouring his father. That goes well and we see Angela's real self emerge as the Boss Lady. Yeah, she is so bossy and in charge with a loud loud loud voice. Almost shouting.

They talk about TJ's father and Christina DeBarge realises at least her father is alive....

Boogie and his father Damon'don't wear a condom' Dash

Boogie Dash is such a sweet kid. Very sweet, mild mannered and polite. A different kind of Dash, from his father Damon and his auntie Stacy.

We learn that Damon Dash is in yet another child support/maintenance/custody situation with another baby mother. Poor Dash babies. I like Damon Dash but h…

Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood Episode 1

My favorite reality show star - Joseline is back but I'm not sure if this show has anything to it. It is based around the premise of Stevie J producing a movie with starring him and Joseline. And to be frank apart from Joseline's one liners and bad ratchet behaviour there isn't much to it. She would make a great stand up comedian.

Anyway in this spin off from Love and Hip Hop ATL, Stevie J via VH1 now has enough money to produce a movie where he and his wife Joseline will act in. Also he'll produced the sound track/music score as well as cast.

Well things don't go to plan when Stevie J hops on a plane to LA leaving Joseline behind. Joseline doesn't take much rubbish off anyone follows quickly behind him, where she meets up with K Michelle, and enrols for some acting classes.

At some point Stevie J finds out that Joseline is in town, so invites her to some pool party with lots of pretty women. Joseline goes and being jealousy in nature insults everyone there an…

Growing Up Hip Hop Episode 3 - The Young, Dumb and Privileged go to Miami. Drama Queen Angela still rants about her stalker, DeBarge desperate tittie black dress doesn't pay off, Boogie and Romeo are still cute and fine, and Baby Peppa can't sing.

The show kicks off with Angela asking Romeo if he send a cheap bunch of flowers.  Sorry dudes, a huge part of this is scripted and planned especally with this stalker story line, but at least Romeo has good sense in EPISODE THREE TO SAY TO THE POLICE.

Romeo's girl has the 'can't-believe-this-BS' expression on her face. Dumb Angela then puts on some round shades and says she's in disguise, really? Please  this is insults our intelligence but kinda fun too.

Debarge Girl

Not sure of her name but it's still some made up drama. She is the only one who is really on a hustle. So she isn't part of the young, dumb and privilege group. She is really desperate to make it. Maybe too desperate.

Can't she just ring the jail to find out where he was release to? He must have a probation officer or something. Normally they give them like a half-way house and all that jazz.

Any way, Debarge chick is now going down skits city to look for her father. She gets advice from a…

Growing up with Hip Hop episode 2 - The Young, Rich and Dumb. Stalker drama with Drama queen Angela Simmons stressing, Romeo asking Daddy Master P to make decisons.

I reckon the stalker is fake.

Let's break this down. How would the woman have gotten into the club dressed like that? Please. I bet she was a hired actress for the show to put this stalker business on. Also why not report her to the police? How do they know she sent the teddy bear. Please. Fake. Phony. At least I hope the stalker actress got paid well.

Angela is pretty dumb about this stalker business. So she goes to check her condo block security. Yeah, they see someone on viedo.  Well they could have taken the video to the police but that seems too easy. No, I reckon it's an actor because they just happen to catch him on camera when he tries to catch the show.

At least two actors got paid to play her stalker.

Then she gets some cheap flowers delivered to her gym and thinks they are from Romeo. Like Romeo would get some cheap gas station flowers. Oh dear, this story line is going to roll and be very long. Yawn. /The better figure out some real drama.

Romeo, Drama Queen Angela…

Growing Up Hip Hop episode 1

Growing Up Hip Hop is about the first generation of the Hip Hop mogul's children and how they want to make it out on their own. It's a good clean young adult show with no cussing, no bad behaviour and everyone is potentially a respectable role model.

A good introduction to the cast. Romeo is a nice guy and son of Master P who wants him to take over the record business. Somehow I don't think, he  probably said it for the purposes of this show.

Angela Simmons is running her own fashion line and seems a drama queen. She and Romeo also have a little chemistry going on. Though Romeo did tell a friend who I think is her cousin they need to fix her up so she doesn't end up a 40 year old virgin.

There is another girl who is DeBarge's daughter. She didn't grow up as rich as the others but still has been given a hook in this show. She is more a daughter of soul. And the last one is Damon Dash's kid who is pretty cool and level headed.

Overall the show was about some…