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Growing Up Hip hop 4 - Embarrassing Parents - Pepa and Damon Dash - make an appearance. Boss Lady Angela has a non-date date with Romeo Miller. Uncle Russell keeps it open and real

Nothing really happens in this show however it's good, clean TV for young adults and teenagers. Non ratchetness as of yet.

Angela finds out the reason why Christina DeBarge didn't turn up - her father. So all is forgiven and Angela turns on her nice self and becomes supportive.

Then they go to the concert where Angela's father is performing and TJ is honouring his father. That goes well and we see Angela's real self emerge as the Boss Lady. Yeah, she is so bossy and in charge with a loud loud loud voice. Almost shouting.

They talk about TJ's father and Christina DeBarge realises at least her father is alive....

Boogie and his father Damon'don't wear a condom' Dash

Boogie Dash is such a sweet kid. Very sweet, mild mannered and polite. A different kind of Dash, from his father Damon and his auntie Stacy.

We learn that Damon Dash is in yet another child support/maintenance/custody situation with another baby mother. Poor Dash babies. I like Damon Dash but he needs to grow up. Oh and his cousin Stacy. Anyway he asks Boogie to step in and help out with his childcare problems. Good son Boogie does it.

Boss Lady Angela's Stalker issues again.

So we go to yet another Stalker expert who tells Boss Lady Angela that she needs to deal with this immediately. Angela gets the cops in again and they say a whole lot of stuff which Angela doesn't want to deal with.

Pretty boy Romeo on a break with girl friend

Pretty boy Romeo - doesn't do much. He comes back to the US and putting pleasure before work, hangs out with his friends.

We learn Romeo is on a break from his relationship...oh dear....Boss Lady Angela doesn't mind that Romeo is single and puts her ass up in the air - in a yoga pose - to punctuate her point. Someone seems to be very happy about this break.

Embarrassing Mother Syndrome - Pepa

Pepa crashes a photoshoot with lil Pepa Treach and  steals the show by being a bossy monager and telling us how long she's being in the business. Poor lil Pepa Treach (yes, I still don't know her name).

Boss Lady Angela prepares for her non-date date with Romeo

Boss lady Angela, her PA Johann  and Vanessa Lighy have a girly session  choosing clothes for Angela's non-date date with hanging out with Romeo. So much effort for a non date.

Vanessa keeps telling  Boss Lady Angela doing what the police said. Angela as always can't be bothered.

Romeo and Boss Lady Angela have a non-date date

Despite the amount of time Queen Bee Angela took in chosing her outfits for this non-date date, I can't see it. She wear her Loubs to the beach to Pretty boy Romeo is like are you going to wear high heels on the sand. So she takes them off. They start to flirt with each other and she tried to take a peek of his speedos...oh dear.

Angela and Uncle Russell Simmons

She meets her uncle Russell. They talk about relationships and Romeo. Uncle Russell is pretty open about this. It's so hilarious! Then he reads her the riot act about dealing with the stalker.

Good line from Uncle Simmons - You can never fail until you quit

After that they say goodbye and Angela does some kind of walk out of the room to which we get the classic line from  Uncle Russ- 'Jesus, Angela, it's not a runway... just walk out of the door - who walks like that?'

Angela does, that's who.

Master P and Romeo

Master P summons Romeo to his office and holds conference. Big Daddy Master P is puffing on his cigar and leaning back in is chair, telling Romeo of his expectations. Can Romeo reach that high? Who knows?

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